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2011-12-23 01:31 am
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Hello, Hello

Hello, I started to hear about this place and thought I would come on over. Not sure if I'll use it much but I could surprise myself. I suppose a brief introduction would be suited for this first post. I am DuosAngel, semi-sane fangirl of manga/anime, video games, and Channel Awesome (ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com and BlisteredThumbs.net) These days it's mostly the latter. I am attending college online so I can get my Bachelor's degree in English and am a licensed massage therapist. In my spare time I read, play video games, write fanfiction, and do a wrestling recap/review podcast called The DarkMatch which can be found at http://blip.tv/darkmatchrasslin. This journal will probably be used to post my fanfiction mostly.

There really isn't anything else to say, so for now I'll say goodbye.